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Join Elkview Country Club and enjoy a world class golf course, build relationships with others that have a similar passion for golf and experience additional benefits.

Golden 55

Senior membership for the retired/retiring age group of 55 years and older to be broken down as: $1750 for 3 years, then 2 years at $2000, then full senior dues. It does not matter what age you come in at above age 55. Spouse is 80% of the current dues. Full senior member benefits would be in effect. All minimum requirements would be in effect. Anyone coming in with this special is NOT eligible for “75er” or reduced future membership rates. FIRST TIME MEMBER ONLY.

Welcome Back

Elkview will offer our “Welcome Back” membership to former members who would like to re-join Elkview at the current “New Membership Rates”, as outlined by age category. Former members must have been removed from Elkview for a minimum of 3 consecutive years and have left the club in good standing. Payment of dues per normal billing practice. Not eligible for “75er” membership in the future.

New Senior Membership

22-26 $1536 48%
27-31 $1861 37%
32-35 $2127 28%
36-39 $2511 15%


Social Membership:

   A social membership at Elkview is more than just dining.  Social members can enjoy the use of all of the practice facilities, club storage and lockers are available.  In addition, social members can enjoy the use of the beach area, as well as unrestricted access to restaurant and bar facilities.  There is no limit to the number of guests you may entertain in those facilities.   Yearly restaurant minimum is $500.00. Dues are $255.66, inclusive.

Corporate Membership:

   Elkview’s corporate membership offers corporations a unique experience.  The one corporate designee is assigned to the membership with the ability of the corporation to have up to 4 additional associate corporate memberships at 75% of the corporate rate.  The corporate rate is defined as the current senior dues rate. The designee and associates are responsible for their own golf and restaurant minimums.  Full access to all practice facilities, club storage, lockers, beach, dining facilities and golf course are included.   Contact the office for current rates.

How to Join:

To Join Elkview Country Club, download the applicaiton below and send it to or call us at (570) 282-3080.

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